Marv is available for speaking engagements of all sizes, and can easily tailor his topics to engage the audience based on their demographics.

In smaller, more intimate groups the audience receives more personalized attention relating to their specific challenges, while larger groups provide a greater diversity of questions and problems that the audience can relate to and learn how to solve on their own.

Whether speaking as the keynote at a college graduation or to the rotary in your local community, Marv will deliver a powerful and motivating speech with experience and examples to ensure knowledge retention. Stories provide the glue that makes the learning stick. Some of his stories are personal, others are historical, but all are crafted to be interesting and relevant to the learning objectives of his audience.


The DNA of Ethical Leadership and the Good Society

Arête, Ancient Wisdom for Modern Leaders

Leading with Honor; Following with Conviction

The New Guy in the Huddle

The Erosion of Intellectual Honesty and its Impact on the Good Society

Globalization and its Leadership Challenge to the Learning Organization

Preservation of the Good Society and the Crisis of Memory

A View from the Trenches; Why We follow

To Remember is to be Human; To Remember is to Survive

Ethical Leadership; Myth or Reality in a Modern Era

Say No to Status Quo

Character + Circumstance = Destiny

Doing What’s Right When No One is Looking

Recognition; the Fuel that Drives Human Performance


"What I enjoyed about your presentation today, was that you brought real world, tangible, examples of your experience to the group. I trusted that your message would resonate with the crowd. A delicate challenge. Today, you did exactly that. Congratulations"
—Scott Winter

"FANTASTIC job today! Thank you again for such a thoughtful and powerful presentation. You gave all of us a new perspective and tools to use in our careers."
—Walt Duddington


You’re the guy to deliver this kind of stuff. You’re a hero in a land of mediocrity, helping leaders avoid distracting technologies to get back to the basics.
— Dale Collie,, National Speaker Association member & former Army Officer