Marv taught MSGL-508, a course that focuses on the critical thinking, analysis, and practical skills essential to develop and implement communications strategies that advance an organization’s strategic goals and mission in a highly competitive global business environment. Students will be introduced to various core strategic management concepts and models including but not limited to the industry environmental analysis, the internal analysis of resources, capabilities and competencies, business-level strategy, and corporate-level strategy. The second part of the course is dedicated to global business communication strategies and skills. Students will learn to express their reasoning clearly, both in oral and written form. The course emphasizes elements of persuasive communication; how to design messages for culturally diverse and possibly resistant audiences, and how to present that information in a credible, convincing, and professional manner.  The intent is to provide students with a comprehensive perspective of how strategic thinking can be communicated to influence organizational competitiveness. Teaching methods will include case studies, simulations, projects, online discussion topics, extemporaneous speaking, videoed oral presentations, and in-class exercises.


Marv taught MSGL-533, a Project Leadership for Global Leadership course in support of the School of Business Administration's Masters of Science in Global Leadership (MSGL) program. This course examines the relationships a project manager has with all project stakeholders, especially focusing on the nature and importance of leadership in projects. A strategic approach is taken to successfully manage within the larger organization, forming, leading and forging the project team, and satisfying the customer. Topics include project leadership, forming and forging the project team, responsibilities and authority, staffing projects, project communications, and time management. Emphasis in the course is on the nomenclature and skills needed to successfully pass the PMP® certification examination in project management. Teaching methods include lecture, case studies, and experiential exercises.

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INTERNATIONAL MANAGEMENT (Carson College of Business, Washington State University Vancouver)

Marv previously taught this International Management course at WSUV, a course designed to address the dilemmas and opportunities that managers face as they work in multi-cultural and global environments.  The main objective of the course was to increase the effectiveness as managers and employees in identifying, understanding, and managing the cultural components of organizational dynamics.  This objective of the course was fulfilled by focusing on the relationships between cultural values and the practice of leading and managing people across time zones, cultures, societal-values systems, and geographic boundaries. 

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Your work in training all of these fliers is extraordinary. Can you imagine how good corporate leaders would be if they had the same kind of training in their businesses? MBAs have terrific business acumen, but the degree doesn’t come close to the military system in educating or training people as leaders.
— Dale Collie,, National Speaker Association member & former Army Officer