With over 40 years of leadership and management experience in both the military and private sector, I am confident in my abilities to assist you in your leadership and communication needs.

Under my counsel, failing organizations have turned around after we re-oriented their direction and strategy to achieve long-term success. As a professional speaker, I cover topics on ethical leadership and project management, focusing on ways to drive human performance to benefit your situation.

My mission is to create better citizens and a stronger society by making individuals more aware of their ethical responsibilities. My vision is to help transform corporations and communities by demonstrating the powerful impact character and inspirational leadership can have on people's lives.

My core values are honor, courage, and the pursuit of excellence. —Arête

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Marv Serhan authored "The DNA of Ethical Leadership & the Good Society" which became the cover story published in the Spring 2008 issue of the John Ben Shepperd Journal of Practical Leadership.

"The biologists are pleased with their DNA discoveries. However, my sense is that we all are born with a similar structure – but a structure or matrix that cannot be seen even under the most powerful microscope. This hidden matrix holds the key to who we are and what we eventually will become in society; not in a physical sense, but in an ethical and moral sense. It will determine our destiny as employers, employees, leaders, followers, parents, role models, professionals and patriots. It will inevitably determine how future leaders and corporate professionals contribute to and shape the values of our culture."

"The individual can make a difference. Having been armed with the knowledge of one's personal ethical makeup (EDNA), and a clear realization that the individual has the power to make change merely by his/her example, that understanding provides one with the tools necessary to make a significant contribution to the preservation of the Good Society."

"It is important to emphasize that successful leaders not only understand their own EDNA, but they take the time to learn the EDNA of their subordinates. That single, purposeful, introspective assessment serves as the catalyst that generates trust. Trust is the glue between people that elicits loyalty. Loyalty engenders respect. And, mutual respect establishes the working relationships that enable some military commands or private sector corporations to rise in performance above all others."

A good, fulfilled, and happy life does not come from externals, but must flow from a life of effort; a life spent attempting to develop one’s self in all the roles that one will play: husband/wife, mentor, teacher, coach, military leader or business professional.”
— Captain Jerry Singleton, U.S. Navy (1947-2014)